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  • James Chin

The Rooftop Match in Italy during lockdown

Updated: Jan 24

This is such a nice surprise by Federer and Barilla!During the lockdown, two teenagers from Finale Ligure, in Italy, Carola and Vittoria, found a creative way to play a ‘socially distanced’ tennis match: each standing on her own roof. They posted their video on Youtube and it went viral.Federer and Barilla saw their video and decided to surprise the girls right in their home in Finale Ligure. Federer surprised Carola and Vittoria on the interview and they even played some tennis on the rooftop together.And of course, they all enjoyed a nice pasta lunch together courtesy of Barilla. At the end of the video, Federer said he and Barilla are sending the girls to the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy for some tennis training.Now how nice is that!


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