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  • James Chin


That’s what Angelique Kerber, current world no. 2, is hoping to inspire people to do......that is to lead healthier, more active lives.

Kerber recently became the brand ambassador for Generali Vitality, the innovative health and wellness behavioural programme of Generali Group, the third-biggest insurance group in the world.

Generali Vitality introduces the new concept of shared-value insurance into Europe with the aim of making people healthier.

Kerber says, “I know as an athlete how important it is to move and eat healthily, no matter whether you are an amateur or professional athlete. During my career I’ve learned how important it is to believe in yourself and work on yourself, step by step. Then everything is possible. I fully support Generali Vitality’s goal to motivate people to live healthier lives and I am delighted to have the chance to help to achieve this.”

Leading healthier lives, day by day. Just the right mindset to have before making our new year resolutions for 2019!


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