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Kids just wanna have fun!

  • 1 h
  • $120
  • To be arranged according to preference.

Service Description

TopVolley's approach to coaching is to make learning tennis fun and exciting for people of all ages, particularly kids 10 and under as overall, they just wanna play and have fun! Tennis is a great sport for kids to be active in as the movements used in the courts develop coordination, balance and agility. Mental focus is sharpened as decision-making and concentration is needed every time a ball is hit. While focusing on making tennis a fun activity, attention will be placed on developing the proper technique and skills to quickly teach the kids how to serve, rally and score. Develop your child's natural potential in tennis and enrol today! TopVolley believes that tennis is especially a great sport for kids to take up. There are many physical benefits (hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, balance, movement, speed, agility) as well as psychological benefits (learning to accept responsibility for their actions/decisions, adapting to different situations, managing their emotions). Kids also learn social skills such as communication and teamwork in playing doubles. "The focus on young kids taking up tennis should also be about making it fun and enjoyable. The more kids have fun, the more they enjoy. The more they enjoy, the more they learn. And the more they learn, the better they perform."

Contact Details

+ +65 8161 2543

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