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james chin - tennis coach



James' love for tennis began when he was a young boy watching tennis greats Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe on television playing in the Wimbledon final.  Mesmerised, he picked up a Donnay Allwood racquet and hit the courts.  He represented his high school and junior college in Singapore, and continued playing tennis recreationally.

In 2011, he achieved the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) certification as Instructor for Adult Development.  He went on to complete the PTR 10 & Under certification in 2013.

James firmly believes tennis can be enjoyed by anyone, even absolute beginners, at any stage of their life.  

"Tennis can be played at many levels between recreational and competitive tennis.  My goal is to help you get the most enjoyment playing the type of tennis that suits you in terms of your natural talent, your physical ability, and fitness level."

Play it. love it.

Tennis lessons


Our mission is to bring the joy of playing tennis into your life.  We tailor our lessons to help you play - the fun and fast way.


Our motto for tennis is "play it. love it."


Are you ready to enjoy playing tennis? Want your kids to take up this incredible sport?  Our customised programs help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels learn to play the great game of tennis that suits their unique capabilities.  Our focus is making tennis fun and enjoyable for everyone!

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